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Fans of Tamora Pierce, unite!
Welcome to the_swoop! The Swoop is an open-membership Tamora Pierce fan community that houses fandom-related discussions as well as sharing of writing and art both original and fandom-related.


1. Grammar and spelling are pretty much vital here. Use them well.

2. Don't be rude. Disagreements and debates are perfectly fine - nay, they're encouraged. Personal attacks against other members are definitely not fine and will in fact force me to ban you.

3. This is a Tamora Pierce fan community. This means - barring very special circumstances - TP-related discussions only. Use your judgement.

4. Trolls and spammers are irritating. Don't be one.

5. Feel free to plug TP-related things, but try not to join the community simply to plug your own thing. It's a little tacky.

That's all. Have fun! I look forward to seeing you around.
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