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Conte kids

I found the rest of the Conte kids' names, but is Vania ever named in a book? If so, what do I have to reread?


Reader Intervention

A link for book and library lovers. This link is from Sally, but it was buried in the comments of the 'Royal Library Challenge' post, and I thought that many people would want to see it. I have no idea what to rate this for the unwary... PG-13? (No, really. It is just photographs of libraries with lots of sexual innuendo.)

Which is your favourite? Mine was Trinity College. I feel all weak in the knees!

A question: If you could change one thing and one thing only in the Tamora Pierce books, what would it be, and what effect (if any) would it have on her world?

I thought of several things... Alex not dying while so tragically young and beautiful; Daine and Aly having character flaws other than 'Has god-like powers' and 'Is never wrong,' respectively; putting a Tim Hortons franchise in Corus.

But in the end I would settle for making Daine ten years older (okay, even five), or Numair ten years younger. This wouldn't have any effect on Tortall (I don't think), but it would make me feel less uneasy about the student-and-teacher-become-lovers cliche.

How about you?



Title: A Little Light Reading
Rating: PG, I think
Summary: Marnie returns books to the library after a posting at the Gallan border, and Vania tags along. Unintended consequences ensue.

A/N: Royal Library Challenge fic! :D




“Why are we here?”Collapse )

The Royal Library Challenge! Shhhhhhh!!!

The Royal Library in the Palace in Corus. All the pages and squires have studied there over the years. They bonded over mathematics, etiquette and the Code of Chivalry. But what is the Royal Library actually like?

Maybe it is full of elaborately carved bookshelves that stretch up high enough to require a ladder. Maybe there are big, comfortable wooden chairs with the velvet worn thin on the arm rests. Maybe there are long windows to let in lots of light. Maybe it is run by a Master Librarian; a small, grey, mouse-like man with an irritating high voice. He has a siege mentality when it comes to his domain. He highly disapproves of pages re-shelving the scrolls on their own, and of anyone, at any time, taking books out of the library. He has an ongoing feud with the Master of Archives and Collections, and when they happen to meet all the junior library assistants duck and run for cover behind desks and shelves.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create fic or art with the Royal Library as your theme. This can, of course, be stories or pictures about our favourite characters, set in the Library. OR, it can be the actual CONTENTS of the Library!

Just think of all the books and scrolls that have been or ever will be stored in the Royal Library. There are books on magic, natural science, mathematics, philosophy, healing, law and religion. What about The Book of Silver and The Book of Gold, or Ali Mukhtab's History of the Bazhir, the famous Code of Chivalry, or every page's favourite book of etiquette? There are books on Tortall's neighbours, personal journals and biographies, picture books, letters, poetry and plays, songbooks, maps, trade agreements, taxes and peace treaties. The census, the castle blueprints, ship logs, war recollections and military theory, and trashy pulp romances and murder mysteries that the young ladies and knights love to check out, to the despair of the librarians! Any snippets that can be written or illustrated are fair game.

This challenge will run for a month. Instant gratification is always great: you can post directly to the comments below or link us to your journal if it is too big to fit. But if you want to take your time to work on your entry, post to the_swoop using the 'challenge' tag so we can all see it when you're done. You can even submit previously written/drawn work if you think it fits the theme, or rec us other people's work. We are looking forward to all the ideas that people come up with!


Sally and Imo


New Board: Goldenlake!

A new Tamora Pierce board is about to be launched, and is currently open for test members! Goldenlake is the sister board of
piercefic. It features areas for discussion on all things Tamora Pierce, fanfiction and fanart forums, a chat room, and lots of competitions! This year it will co-host the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament, the Autumn Exchange, and Piercefic 09. It is already fairly busy, with more than 600 posts in the space of a week (and only a handful of test members)!

I really encourage everyone to join before the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament is launches on April 1st - the same day the board officially opens to the public!

Tammy Quote Wallpaper

Wallpaper with one of my fave Tammy quotes. It's been sitting on my harddrive for a while, so I thought I'd better post it. Two colours, both are 1280x800 :)

Photobucket Photobucket

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Discussion- What if...

various TP characters found themselves, for some reason or another, transported to another ficiverse? Put your ideas in the comments, or feel free to write a fic. Any characters and any ficiverses are allowed.

Edited to change rules slightly!

PS: I would like to try the art thing I mentioned in the previous discussion post...
One person takes a piece of artwork and the next person adds something to it and so on. For instance, the first person might take a picture of Alanna and the next person might add Faithful to it.
If anyone is interested in doing this mention it in the comments and I will make up a list.



It seems there is a general desire for more discussion around here, so I am getting us started. Hopefully other people will want to start discussions too!

Do you believe in heroes? Cut for lengthy--no, REALLY lengthy--rambling about heroes, the Iliad, Tamora Pierce characters, and odd personal beliefs.Collapse )


Bloodhound Review

Hi, I just started up a Book Review site and reviewed my ARC of Bloodhound so ya'll should go check it out.


If this is too spamish I get it and you can delete it mods. :)

I tried to keep spoilers out but I mean if your alergic to them then ye be warned.

Time for ticky-boxes!

Poll #1357462 In the interest of getting things going around here again, and because I have always wanted to do a poll:

What kinds of posts would you like to see at the Swoop?

Monthly fanfic and fanart challenges.
Fanfic recs.
Discussion posts. Of a serious nature. I will comment below with suggestions. In a list. Alphabetized.
Discussion posts. Of a silly nature. I will comment below with suggestions. In LOLcat-speak.
'Welcome' posts. There are many new people here who would like to say 'hello.'
We need more art and music to liven things up. I will comment below. With song lyrics, emoticons and cartoons.
Bor-ing. I have fun ideas, and will talk about these in the comments!



 Just gone through and reread every Tortall book I could get my hands on, halfway through Tricksters Queen. Loving Nawat as ever. Not plugging but wondering if anyone knows of a Tortall based Roleplay. Would love to get involved with that. Loving Fan fics too. Bit of a squeal but Wont do so as much in future.

The Sight, Part 1

No particular book
Rating: PG for blood.

  "Ma, where are you going?"
   Eleni Cooper sighed. A man had been in her room since around midnight, bleeding on the furniture. That a noble had nearly run him over at North Gate was all the information she could get out of him, and all she needed. A trail of blood led from North Gate to Spindle Lane, where he had collapsed just outside the door of the only healer on the street. Now Eleni Cooper had to make sure his broken bones would set right and he wouldn't bleed to death.
   In a hurry, Eleni still tried to protect her only child. She murmered  something about working with some potentially dangerous herbs, and asked her son to go play.
    Eleni Cooper waited for an affirmative, then became increasingly nervous as George's hazel eyes bored into her own.
    "That's not true." It was a statement of fact; there was no hint of uncertainty in the young voice. Eleni had never been able to get a lie past her son, and she worried about what would happen to him when he went into the world, with all its little lies that kept people sane.

The Sight

atheist_cheese, would it be alright by you if I used your ideas on the Sight in a fic?

"One of the aspects of the Sight is an ability to see when people lie. I've always thought it was an aspect that was taken rather lightly. I'd think it'd be a big factor in the way someone would grow up." I agree, and had an idea. I thought of an interesting way to write something around this topic.
I wrote something from Eleni's point of view that introduces the topic, and I wondered if 2 other people would like to do other parts. What I want to do is this:
1 section from Eleni's point of view when George is very young. I wrote this already.
1 section from George's point of view before he meets Allana and possibly immediately after he becomes the Rogue.
1 section from Allana's point of view after they are married.

What do you think? And side note, are Georg's eyes bright green or dark green?

Added: I really don't understand the whole Alex thing in the Lioness quartet. If someone could explain, I would be much obliged.


Hello Swoopsters!

The quantity and quality of fanfic from Yuletide and piercefic this year made it kind of redundant to start anything over here while they were going, but we've had a bit of a break and this community has been quiet long enough! To get things going again, I bring you the...

Good Prompt/Bad Prompt Challenge!

'Sounds great! But what is it?' you may be thinking. Well, let me explain.

Part I

Post something of your own creative efforts that you like, ie. a 'good' prompt. This could be a line from a fanfic you wrote, a picture you drew, a poem, an icon, a song, etc. (Do we have any vidders here?) Anything at all, so long as it is yours. Here is mineCollapse )

Now post something of your own creative efforts that you don't like, ie. a 'bad' prompt. This could involve creative spelling, embarrassing grammar, unfortunate characterization, eye-cringing colours, the abuse of human anatomy, or general misuse of the English language. No apologies or excuses are necessary-- in fact, they are against the spirit of this challenge! This is mineCollapse )

Part II

Take someone else's prompt, 'good' or 'bad,' and use it as inspiration to create something of your own: a drabble, a drawing, an icon, a poem, a song. You can be as silly or as serious as you like. Post it to the comments below, or, if it's too large, link us to your journal. Have fun!

Two questions you may want answeredCollapse )

Round Robin- Chapter 7: The Gardener

Here it is, Chapter 7, along with my HUGE, HUGE apologies for being so ridiculously late.

The GardenerCollapse )