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Goldenlake Decathlon Fics

I recently completed the Goldenlake Tamora Pierce Forum Decathlon, where everyone had to write 5 track and 5 field events for their chosen character or couple.

This was my first time writing Tamora Pierce fanfiction so I thought I'd share :)

My character was Tobe. The first 7 fics are set when he was young, beginning when he was born and finishing just after their return from Scanra. In the AU fic he is roughly the same age as he was in Lady Knight. In the last 2 fics he is older, married and waiting for the birth of his first child.


everstone (Kypriotha on Goldenlake)

Rating: G
Event: 110 Word Hurdles (open theme drabble)
Words: 110
Summary: Tobe doesn't know if he has ever been wanted

Rating: PG
Event: 4x100 Word Sin Relay (Envy, Greed, Lust, Pride)
Words: 400
Summary: Tobe considers the things he is missing in his life
Warning: Mild implied violence

Title: Changes
Rating: G
Event: 400 Word Dash (open theme drabble)
Words: 400
Summary: Tobe begins to see changes in his life, not all of which are to his liking

Rating: G
Event: Humour High Jump (humour themed drabble)
Words: 252
Summary: Tobe and his friends welcome the opportunity to play a prank on their least favourite Haven resident

Rating: G
Event: Love Long Jump (romance or fluff drabble)
Words: 411
Summary: Tobe thinks about what love means to him

Rating: PG-13
Event: 100 Word Dash (open theme drabble)
Words: 100
Summary: Tobe's nights are fretful
Warning: Mention of death/killing

Rating: PG-13
Event: Single Sentence Shot Put (single sentence open theme drabble)
Words: 21
Summary: Tobe experiences some repercussions from the Tortallans foray into Scanra.
Warning: Implied violence/death

Rating: G
Event: AU Pole Vault (AU drabble)
Words: 893
Summary: Tobe comes back to visit his friends and family at New Hope

Rating: G
Event: Donkey Discus (unexpected plot or twist ending fic)
Words: 479
Summary: Tobe is impatiently waiting for an important event to occur

Rating: PG
Event: 1500 Word Dash (open theme fic)
Words: 1500
Summary: Tobe desperately tries to find the answers to look after his baby and his wife
Warning: Mentions of childbirth and complications relating to it
Note: Direct sequel to Waiting. The last line is borrowed from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows