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Bloodhound Release!

Hello friends! So BLOODHOUND is finally out, for about a week now, so I'm sure most of you tore through it.

Hopefully its release will get this community alive again?? :-D

Feel free to start up any discussions or topics about the book. (Team_fen, you guys are good at that haha.) I'm not done yet, but I'm finding counterfeit money to be quite interesting!

Anyway..just wanted to say, happy book release! Yay!!!


May. 1st, 2009 02:46 am (UTC)
I don't think there has ever been mention of any paper notes in Tortall or the surrounding countries. Perhaps they are at the stage when paper was extremely expensive and valuable, and there were no printing presses? All done by hand?

So if they are reproducing coins, the historical countermeasures in those kinds of societies were, what? Biting on the coins to check alloy strength, or perhaps weighing scales to test the alloy weight against a standard for banks or merchants? Magic would definitely complicate the entire process, on both sides of the law. --Imo